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Episode Archive

104 episodes of Sports Wednesday since the first episode, which aired on December 31st, 2017.

  • 04.02.20: We talk with Voice of the Bobcats RUSS EISENSTEIN!!! The Big Cheese! Quarantine Recommendations! Best Unsung Metal Album of 1990! The Battle of Balls Bluff!! and more...

    April 1st, 2020  |  Season 3  |  1 hr 11 mins
    abbott labs, ball state, baseball, basketball, battelle, big man on campus, bobcats, broadcaster, byron scott, campbell's soup, chicago, chris paul, coach, college, comiskey park, craft, craft beer, curly neal, duke, emeralds, euchre, eugene oregon, football, gin, goose, grilled cheese, harlem, harlem globetrotters, hockey, illinois state, locks, maestro, meadowlark lemon, mensa, milwaukee brewers, minnesota twins, mlb, mls, mustaches, nba, netflix, new orleans, nfl, nhl, nostalgic, ohio, ohio university, oklahoma city, old men, pelicans, pig, quarantine, roger goddell, russ eisenstein, salukis, shut down, silver lining, soccer, sopranos, super jock, tomato soup, turntable, two minute drill, university of kentucky, vinyl records, virus, voice, walks

    The Voice of the Ohio Bobcats Russ Eisenstein joins us to talk OU sports, sports broadcasting, the old school Brew Crew and the Big quarantine recommendations...the best unsung metal album of 1990...and the inside scoop on the Battle of Balls Bluff...

  • 03.25.20: Dancin' in the Streets with Buccaneer Brady...Hidden Gems on Netflix...the Rise of Maestro's Rant and the Rams Garbage Logo

    March 25th, 2020  |  Season 3  |  42 mins 31 secs
    2 minute drill, agents, band, baseball, basketball, bmoc, boxing, buccaneers, candy, candy bars, cleveland indians, clint eastwood, coach, concert, cool runnings, copycat, craft, craft beer, dancing in the street, david bowie, fifth avenue, free agent, gem, good times, jackie chan, jerry maguire, jerry rice, jigsaw, joe namath, karate kid, locks, logo, los angeles, maestro, march madness, medium, michl jordan, mick jagger, million dollar baby, mindhunter, mlb, movie, nba, netflix, new england, new york, nfl, nhl, nostalgic, ny giants, ny mets, olympics, patrick’s day, patriots, phantagram, plague, podcast, postponed, puzzles, quarantine, quarterback, rams, rants, records, return, rocky, rocky iv, science, seattle seahawks, shut down, snoop dogg, snoop lion, spanish flu, sports, sports movies, sports wednesday, summer games, tampa bay, the dirty nil, tom brady, tom cruise, turntable, vinyl, virus, washington wizards, wednesday, weird science, wes unsled, white sox.willie mays, wrong

    With BMOC out, Coach and Maestro talk Brady and Bucs and other somehow wrong mashups, plus hidden gems on Netflix, Maestro reviews The Rise of Skywalker and Coach has some harsh words for the LA Rams.

  • 03.18.20: Recommendation City! Best Vinyl, Craft Beer, Candy and Comedies to Get You Through the Quarantine! Plus…Great Game Replays and Unnecessarily Complicated Sports Movie Trivia!

    March 18th, 2020  |  Season 3  |  41 mins 2 secs
    1958, 2 minute drill, 2002, 2017, agents, alds, baseball, basketball, best friend’s girlfriend, blue jackets, bmoc, bobsled, boxing, buckeyes, candy, candy bars, cannon, cannon blast, cars, cleveland indians, clint eastwood, coach, comeback, concert, cool runnings, craft, craft beer, dropkick murphy’s, fifth avenue, fodder, francisco lindor, game 2, grand slam, injuries, jackie chan, jerry maguire, jigsaw, jim tressel, just what i needed, karate kid, locks, maestro, march madness, medium, miami hurricanes, million dollar baby, mlb, national championship, nba, new york, nfl, nfl championship, nhl, nostalgic, ohio bobcats, ohio state, podcast, puzzles, quarantine, rants, records, return, ric ocasek, rocky, rocky iv, shut down, sports, sports movies, sports wednesday, st. patrick’s day, the u, tom cruise, turntable, vinyl, virus, wednesday, weiners, wrong, yankees

    With the sports world shutting down, we turn to our other passions: craft beer! vinyl records! candy! and bingeable comedies! We've got great recommendations for all of them, PLUS unnecessarily complicated sports movie trivia and the games we want to watch replays of...

  • 03.11.20: We're back! #1 Seed Predictions...Emergency Goalies...The Big Cheese...Wendy's Breakfast... and more!

    March 11th, 2020  |  Season 3  |  45 mins 5 secs
    2 minute drill, aaron judge, acc, astros, aztecs, baseball, basketball, baylor, bears, big 10, big 12, big cheese, blue devils, bmoc, breakfast, bruce lee, bulldogs, carolina, chuck norris, coach, conference, coronavirus, dayton, duke, epidemic, eruption, fights, florida state, flyers, football, gonzaga, injuries, jayhawks, joanna jedrzejczyk, kansas, karate, kentucky, kung fu, locks, mac, maestro, maple leafs, march madness, medium, mlb, nba, ncaa, nhl, ohio bobcats, panthers, podcast, rants, return, san diego stat, seminoles, sports, sports wednesday, toronto, tournament, ufc, van halen, wednesday, weiners, wendys, west coast conference, wildcats, wrong, yankees, zamboni

    We're back from a 4-week break with a new format to discuss all things sports in a medium sort of way: Our #1 Seed predictions...The Emergency Goalie on Hockey...Ohio Bobcat's Big Cheese...Wendy's breakfast Unnecessarily Complicated Trivia!

  • 02.12.20: 100th EPISODE EXTRAVAGANZA!!!! Top 10 SW Moments! Best bits and Worst Bits! NFL Draft Analyst Cole Medvec! This episode will never end....

    February 12th, 2020  |  Season 3  |  1 hr 54 mins
    angels, baseball, bengals, big east, bret hull, cleveland browns, cole medvec, dave cowens, eric lauer, gordie howe, jaromir jagr, john burkett, minor leagues, nate thurmond, nathan rourke, ncaabasketball, nfl draft, nhl goal scorers, ohio bobcats, pba, swedish fish, twizzlers, vlad gurrero jr, wayne gretsky, wilt chamberlain

    02.12.20: 100th EPISODE EXTRAVAGANZA!!!! Top 10 SW Moments! Best bits and Worst Bits! NFL Draft Analyst Cole Medvec! An Ohio Bobcat as an NFL QB? Listener mail! Maestro decides! Big Bucket o' Cards! Trivia! D3 Mascots! What hat are you wearing? Cancer question! + a 2-minute drill that Tall Sean called "glorious!" This is the episode that will never end....