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SW Hall of Fame

SW Hall of Fame

This is the Sports Wednesday Hall of Fame, where individuals important to the Sports Wednesday show are enshrined, either as full members of our Hall of Fame, or with Honoroable Mentions.

The Hall of Fame

Bonzi Wells, Former NBA Star

Former NBA star and the MAC's all-time leading scorer, Gawen DeAngelo "Bonzi" Wells was invited to be our first guest and accepted. Wells even called in on the correct night and time, but BMOC totally ganked the technical back-end for the interview. Thus, all we have for our efforts is a voice mail from Bonzi Wells, but still: a NBA great agreeing to come on to a brand new sports broadcast run by a trio of 40-something Yahoos earns immediate enshrinement in the SW HOF.

Russ Eisenstein, Voice of the Ohio Bobcats

Longtime voice of the Ohio Bobcats (and SW favorite) Russ Eisenstein joined us in April, 2020 to talk about his career in sports infotainment, his greatest calls and what it was like to see the MAC tournament cancelled minutes before tip-off.

Mickey Klutts, Former MLB Star

Former MLB star Mickey Klutts (A's, Yankees) was the first card drawn from our 'Big Bucket o' Cards' segment, where we pull a random sports card out of a bucket (technically a box), and then share info about the player while we try to convince him or her to be on the show. While digital outrech to Klutts came up short (his last tweet was a 2011 note that he's a big fan of Law and Order), we did reach him by surface post. And although he didn't come on the show, he did autograph and return the Mickey Klutts card, earning him the second enshrinement in the SW HOF.

The Honorable Mention List

Justin Hoopes, loyal listener and Hoopsters tester, acquired and gifted BMOC with a Sheffield Wednesday Footbal Club hat, 10.01.2018.

John Harkes, former US Men's National team star and Sheffied Wednesday Pro Player, liked an image of himself and BMOC posted to Twitter on 10.08.2018.

Taye Diggs, American actor and singer Taye Diggs inexplicably followed @sportwednesday on Twitter in Dec. 2019.