Sports Wednesday

Sports Talk for the Medium Fan


As of 09.04.18

Updated standing are:

Maestro 74/120
Coach 69/120
BMOC 73/120

Long Term Locks

2018 NBA Finals + Champ picked 04.10.18
BMOC Cavs-Rockets, Rockets, James Harden
Coach Warriors-Cavs, Warriors ?
Maestro Cavs-Rockets, Cavs, LeBron

2018-19 Stanley Cup Finals + Champ 4.10.18
BMOC Pittsburgh-Tampa, Tampa
Maestro Tampa Bay - Winnipeg, TB
Coach - Las Vegas Knights - Boston Bruins, Knights

**2019 Super Bowl predictions made on 02.07.201
**Maestro: Steelers beat Seahawks
BMOC: Vikings beat Panthers
Coach: Saints beat Steelers

**2018 World Series Predictions made on 02.13.18:
**Coach: Cleve vs LA, CLV wins
Maestro: Nats vs Astros, Astros win
BMOC: Cleve vs Nats, CLV wins

Games Out of First
[Price is Right Rules]
Team Coach/Maestro/BMOC
O's 59/62/52
KC 38/41/40
Tx 24.5/20/26
Miami 23/24/21
Reds 21/20/1
SD 27.5/28/23

2018 World series Prediction updated 08.01.18
Maestro: Astros-Dodgers; Astros Win
BMOC: Boston-Dodgers; Dodgers win

College Football
08.08.18 National Champion
Coach: Georgia
Maestro: Clemson
BMOC: Alabama

Conference Champs
Conf Coach/Maestro/BMOC
B10 OSU/Wisc/OSU
B12 OU/OU/K State
ACC Clemson/Clemson/Miami
Pac12 Stanford/WU/WU
MAC Ohio/Toledo/Ohio
Amer Memphis/UCF/UCF
Sun App St /Ark St/ Troy
MWC Fresno/Boise/Boise

The Boastings
How fast can you throw a pitch?

Maestro: 62
Coach: 67
BMOC: 55

Field Goals: Furthest to date
Maestro: 35
Coach 35*

  • Coach technically missed all 3 attempts at 30 before hitting from 35, so he gets hung with an asterix.

Around the Bases Speed
Coach: 18.52
Maestro: 19.45
BMOC: 23.00